Module 2:

Uploading to server, Chapters 3, and most of Chapter 4

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables

January 26


Create a webpage for uploading assignments

The great majority of your assignments will be uploaded to the CofC student server.

You will learn how to upload to the web during class ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th. You'll gain the skills to do both the coding and graphic design parts of this assignment during this module.

January 31




Guidelines for all Case Studies

Unlike the exercises in the textbook, these Case Study assignments do not provide step-by-step instructions. Instead, the description for each exercise includes an illustration of how the page should appear in a browser, along with specifications, but now steps. These specifications are detailed enough for you to complete each exercise.

Before you do the first exercise, you’ll need to download and unzip the starting files for the website. These files are stored in a sub-folder named shape_up_exercises. The folder includes starting HTML and CSS files for the homepage, along with all supporting files such as text files, image, and media. HTML files with “under construction” messages are also included for all of the other pages that can be accessed from the menu that will be added later. The exercises will explain when to use each of the starting files.

The Instructions:

- Here is the PDF file with the instructions for Chapter 3.

- Extra HELP in deciding which elements to use, Click on JPG file

- Extra HELP in linking & uploading, in case you need it.

January 29

More info ...
This will be a simple assignment where you will prepare your basic HTML template and image files for our practice of Chapter 4.

We will talk about it on Jan 29, and you'll submit screenshots before class on Jan31.

Various Tiny Topics. There are two more topics to choose from.


In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities

1/22 - 1/24


  • Tiny Topics presentations
  • Chapter 3: How to use HTML to structure a webpage
    • Also, HTML Lists from Ch7, page 210
    • A few topics from Chapter 2
  • Important info: Uploading instructions for this class
  • Continuing to setup your environment
    • Display file extensions in Finder & Explorer
    • View HTML source code
    • See first website by Tim Berners-Lee
  • Upload Assignment Page during class.
    You will have created most of it at home.
  • Get ready for Chapter 4
  • Addenda: We also created movie.html
1/29 - 2/2
  • Tiny Topics presentations
  • Chapter 4: How to use CSS to format the elements of a webpage
  • Continuing to setup your environment