Fresh Take Presentations


With the idea of providing a fresh take on web design topics, students will make presentations on the topics listed below. This will count under the category of “Homework/Assignments” and will account for one grade. It would be better to have teams of two in order to present more robust ideas and techniques.


When you research and present your topic, feel free to be broad or specific in your approach. The important thing is to leave the class with something that increases their knowledge and skills substantively. You can have the class to work along with you on an exercise if you wish. Or, you can explain/demonstrate and provide us with resources. One more thing... although we may touch upon some of these topics during class, your presentation can provide more depth and freshness.


Presentation will generally take 5-10 minutes, but I want you to focus more on what you're sharing rather than filling up a specific time. Also, there is no specified format as you have a lot of latitude to determine how you want to present.


I will add the presentation dates for groups once I see how many topics are chosen.



Please place your presentations in a dropbox called "Fresh Takes"

If it's a google slide show, you may add the link.