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Mar 13,

Test#2 for Chapters 3-6

10% of Final Grade

  • Hands on coding test
  • It is to be taken during class
  • The test wil be open book, and a time-limit of 50-minutes.

Study guide: The test will focus on efficiency, accuracy, and knowledge of coding. You will not have to worry about creativity such as choosing color schemes or layout. Everything will be specified step-by-step. I will provide the images of the right sizes as well. For studying, it would be good to practice creating a page such as the one linked below. The test WILL NOT BE exactly like this, but it is good practice. You may use placeholder text and imagery to simulate it. Download the PDF study guide for your practice.

Mar 20, 2024

Semester Project Milestone #2: Planning Analysis

Multiple Tiny Topics Presentations
Multiple Fresh Takes Presentations
April 1

PLEASE NOTE: Date has been finalized
Artist Website, using responsive design


In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities

Chapter 6: Completion and Recap

⟫ More Tiny Topics assigned

Group presentations will be assigned: Fresh Takes


Test 1 on HTML


Chapter 7 Lists, Links, Navigation


Chapter 8: Media Queries for Responsive Web Design
(Start the chapter)