How to Upload Web Assignments


Uploading First Assignment || Future Assignments || Troubleshooting Errors


You have already created a folder with your assignment page and banner. In the following steps, you will upload it to the server.  Your web page will serve as a menu for me to grade your assignments for the remainder of the semester.

General rules for prepare your files:

Instructions for first Assignment Page:

You will use an FTP program such as Filezilla (Mac or Windows) to upload the necessary files and folder to the server.


Uploading Future Assignments

In order to submit assignments, be sure that your assignment is linked onto your index.html page so that I can access and grade it. Then re-upload index.html and the necessary folder/files that contain your new homework.


Here is a checklist for each assignment’s submission:

As instructed above, the best way to upload new assignments is to drag the ENTIRE assignment folder to the www folder. However, if you are pro at this and understand it at a high enough level, you can simply upload only the folders & files that have been changed.


Troubleshooting for Uploading

If you can’t find a file or URL...

  1. Remember, you absolutely must check your URL/web address every time you upload files.
  2. Be sure you have uploaded ALL of the files associated with your webpages
  3. File names are case sensitive. The names must match the way you write it in Notepad.
  4. No spaces in file names.  It can foul things up!

  5. inspect imageIf an image does not display, right click on the image and choose
    “View image information” in Firefox
    “Inspect element” in Chrome or Safari
    This will allow you to see the spelling and capitalization of the file name that the server is looking for.

  6. If a page link is broken, don’t just give up. Look carefully at the URL in the address bar to see exactly what path the server is looking for.  Likewise, you can read the Not Found message for the same info.  It’s not as cryptic as it might seem at first. The illustration below simply says it’s looking for a file called uploading_instructions.docx.  Therefore, to solve the problem, I would go to my FTP program and verify that there is a file by that name.