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Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables
TBA During the week of November 9, there will be a class assignment.
Nov 13 Test 2, Reports


 In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
10/30- 11-06 Chapter 8, Object Oriented Programming
- Read chapter as usual
- Also watch What is Object Oriented Programming?

Graphic Design Principles

We will start on Nov. 9 with a quick jumpstart with graphic design principles and image editing. After working with image editing software and the basic concepts of design, we will cover a part of Chapter 15 (Images). The subject of design principles and the hands-on work with Photopea will be a good lead-in for Chapter 15. Due to time constraints, we will only cover sections 1-3 of Chapter 15. Please engage and pay attention, and that will be sufficient for you to see the power of using and processing images in Processing.

11/11 On this day, you will work at home to work Test #2.
It will be due Monday, November 13th at 8pm.