This is basically your lecture material that covers the same topics and skills as the chapter. By following the instructions and viewing the videos, you can create a flyer similar to the one shown below. You may submit it as one of your E.R. exercises if you'd like.

To assure that you learn the skills for the chapter, you’ll need to follow each step as precisely as possible. It is unusual for me to ask you to mimic my design, but in this case I need to see a demonstration of specific skills. Even in following the instructions given in the videos, you'll still have some room for originality.

The instructions are jam packed with skills that can benefit you in InDesign, Photoshop, or any graphic software.


In an attempt to keep each video short and easy to consume, I will break the activity up into several videos.



Gather the 3 images and Save them. The images that you use must be copyright free.  Therefore, read the information on copyright before getting started.

  1. Search for a US flag, at least 400px wide  
  2. Search for Ravenel Bridge, at least 800px wide
  3. Download this SC flag. You must use this one because it is a Photoshop file that has a clipping path built in.  (By the way, you do not need Photoshop software for this. You'll be displaying the flag in InDesign.)

Watch and follow these videos

(Remember you can speed them up if you wish. )



Save as a PDF file by clicking File>Export.

Upload to the Assignment Dropbox called Expressions Repository. No writeup needed.