Selective Coloring in PHOTOPEA

Objective: This quick tutorial shows you how to spotlight certain parts of an image. This useful technique is often used to apply grayscale an image while leaving selected parts colored.


  1. Selective ColoringWith your file opened, press Ctrl-J to duplicate the layer.
  2. Choose IMAGE/Adjustments, Desaturate.
  3. From Layers palette, add a Layer Mask.
  4. Make sure that your foreground color is white and background is black. (Remember--
    white reveals; black conceals.)
  5. With the Eraser tool, wipe across the areas to reveal the desired color.
    TIP: Change the brush options as needed in order to get around the edges. That is, change the brush's size and hardness.

    If you paint over too much, swap the foreground & background colors. Then wipe again.
  6. When done, duplicate the layer masked layer again. You'll use the new layer to create a smoother looking background.

    The next two steps create a softer look to the photo.
  7. On the new layer, be sure the image thumbnail is selected. Then choose FILTER/Blur, Gausian. Set at about 3.
    (Don't worry that it looks blurry now.)
  8. From Layers palette, choose Blending, Overlay or Soft Light.
    If you don't like the result of steps 7 & 8, feel free to Undo them.

Submit: Due Feb. 20th by 9PM.
Place both the PSD and JPG or PNG versions in "Selective Coloring" dropbox.