image samplePhotopea: Just a Quick Look ...

This is an introductory tutorial for It covers an overview of several useful features of the program. Among them are:

Experiment... Explore... Don't worry about perfection! You should have a satisfactory outcome in about 20 minutes.


  1. Go to
  2. Choose the "Open From Computer" menu, and open your desired image.
  3. ellipse From the Toolbox on the left, hold down the Rectangle Select and choose
    Ellipse Select.
  4. From the Control palette at the top, set a Feather of around 25.
  5. Drag a marquee selection around the area of the photo you want to keep.
  6. Choose SELECT/Inverse.
  7. Press DELETE on the keyboard. Then choose SELECT/Deselectl.
  8. From the Layers Palette, add a new layer for the background. Then drag that layer to the bottom of the palette.
  9. bucketThen fill it with a color, such as black.
    To fill, hold down the Gradient Tool in order to choose the Paint Bucket. Then click anywhere on the layer.
  10. Add a rounded edge rectangle for a label (See the Janet Johnson banner beneath the photo.)
    • Choose the Rectangle Tool from the toolbar
    • From the Control panel, choose Corner Radius to set the radius to approximately 15.
    • Drag to draw the Shape.
    • You can change the default Shape color as follows:
      - Click on the layer, probably called "Shape 1"
      - From the main menu, click LAYER/Layer Style/Color Overlay
  11. Use the Type Tool to type some text.